A growing number of St. Louis Park owners are refinishing their basements and turning them into beautiful, comfortable spaces that add value to their homes. However, because they’re underground, even finished basement rooms have a tendency to trap moisture. Additionally, water can seep in from unnoticed cracks in the foundation. For this reason, it’s generally not recommended to use solid hardwood flooring in lower level projects as there’s a higher risk that the wood will buckle and warp. Fortunately, there are a number of high-quality alternatives for you to get the wood floor look for your subterranean space. Keep reading to learn more from the experts at Floor Coverings International Southwest Metro Minneapolis!

Engineered Hardwoodengineered hardwood, basement, floor coverings international southwest metro

Engineered hardwood is a popular choice for finishing lower levels and is the closest match to solid hardwood flooring that can still perform in a basement environment. Engineered hardwood is more structurally sound than solid hardwood and is less prone to being affected by the changes in humidity and temperature that causes solid hardwood to warp.

Wood Look Laminate

Laminate flooring technology has made great advances in recent years. Modern laminate is now able to closely mimic a number of luxury materials, include stone, metallic surfaces, and wood flooring — but at a more affordable price. Laminate can be installed with a moisture and mildew barrier and can be a great addition to your basement room.

laminate basement flooring, floor coverings international southwest metroWood Tile

Wood tile is a wonderful choice for finishing basement spaces. Manufacturers capture the look and feel of hardwood and print those details directly onto water resistant ceramic tiles. This combination of style and performance has captured the imagination of designers and owners and you can now see wood look tile being employed in a number of creative ways around the home!

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