shutterstock_301902770Carpet flooring is a popular choice among homeowners today for a variety of reasons. If you’re thinking about getting new flooring, carpet can be a great option for almost any room in the home. At Floor Coverings International of Southwest Metro Minneapolis, we want to help our clients choose the flooring that is perfect for them and their family. Here are some fast facts about carpeting.

Why Carpet?

Hardwood, tile, vinyl – there are so many flooring options out there, what makes carpet a good choice? For most people who choose carpet, the price plays a large factor in their decision. Carpet is extremely affordable, starting on average at $3 per installed square foot. Another reason is the wide range of colors, styles, and designs of carpet flooring. While it’s best to keep carpet out of kitchens and bathrooms because of spills and water exposure, it will work well in any other room of the house. If you’re worried about spills and stains, luckily most carpet today is stain-resistant, as long as messes are taken care of promptly.

Types of Carpet

Carpet is not simply ‘carpet’ – there are a variety of materials that can be used for this flooring material. The most popular options are nylon, acrylic, polyester, and wool carpeting. Each has its own pros and cons – for instance, wool is sensitive to UV light exposure, so a sunny living room may not be the best option for wool carpets, while acrylic can be a great alternative in this scenario. The wear and tear you expect your carpets to get is also an important factor to consider when making your decision. Consulting with a flooring professional can help you choose the flooring that is right for your home and lifestyle.

Alternatives to Carpet

If you like the comfort and feel of carpet, but aren’t sure if you want it installed in the entire room, you’re in luck. Many people choose to utilize area rugs and carpets on surfaces such as hardwood or tile to get the best of both worlds – there are rugs the size of an entire room! Another popular option is to place carpet in certain rooms that are prime spots for carpeting, such as bedrooms, and place more expensive flooring in more formal areas of the house.

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Photo: Iriana Shiyan