Plush Carpeting: Everything You Need to Know

Close your eyes and picture a carpet—what do you see? Most of us picture something like the carpets to the left; we see level-cut pile, in any color, that’s a perfect middle ground between flat and shag. Whether you know the name or not, what you’re imagining is called a plush, or sometimes “Saxony,” carpet.

Plush carpeting is one of America’s most enduring favorites, and its soft surface is found in homes across the country. This month, the team at Floor Coverings International of Southwest Metro is bringing you everything you need to know about plush carpeting, so you can decide if it’s the right fit for your Minneapolis area home.

The basics of plush carpeting

When we think of plush carpeting, we think of Minneapolis families on a cold winter night. Plush carpets are level-cut (meaning the strands are uniform) carpets with fibers that are about ½ inch high. We love these carpets for Minnesota homes in particular because they’re known for being warm, thick, and soft, and they exude an image of luxury.

The advantages of plush carpeting

Homeowners interested in plush carpets are often drawn to their elegant looks and soft feel. These carpets are a perfect fit for formal rooms in your house, especially those that might not see much foot traffic, where they can remain pristine. Plush carpets are showpieces that combine elegance and comfort, and they are a perpetual favorite of homeowners who want to infuse a touch of luxury into their décor.

The drawbacks of plush carpeting

The nature of plush carpeting’s soft, dense, surface means that footprints and vacuum tracks can be noticeable on the carpet. In general, plush carpets are a better fit for lower trafficked rooms than for everyday spaces to help avoid this problem. No matter where you place your plush carpet, though, they’re sure to bring warmth and glamor to the space.

Whether plush is the carpeting for you or you’re still in the market for the right flooring fit, the experts at Floor Coverings International of Southwest Metro are here to help. We proudly serve the Minnetonka, Chanhassen, and Eagen areas, and we offer free consultations and estimates to help bring your flooring vision to life. Call us today and let us help find the right floors for your Minneapolis area family!

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