Think carpet is out of style? Think again. Many homeowners in Bloomington are turning to carpet for more than its warmth and comfort. Consider these latest trends for carpet that brings big impact to a room.

Grey Carpet BloomingtonBeyond Beige

Beige and brown tones have given way to greys in every shade. Carpet trends mirror interior design trends in general, and people love grey. Flooring is often considered the starting point of interior design, and if you want to appeal to the masses, grey is the way to go. While trendy, it is also a color that can also stand the test of time. Neutral tones always appeal to potential homebuyers down the road, and any changes in décor in the years to come will surely blend in with this basic backdrop of color.

If you’re feeling bold, patterns have been making an appearance in carpeting as well. Geometric shapes or a basket weave pattern can give the floor covering some visual interest while still remaining a neutral background for your wall color and décor choices.

Artistic Area Rug BloomingtonRug Becomes Art

Wall-to-wall carpet may not suit every home, but even if you rip out the old shag and replace it with traditional hardwood or modern concrete, you’ll need area rugs for comfort and safety. Area rugs are available in limitless colors, styles, and fibers, and they can be easily changed to update the look of a room.

While rugs have always been popular, there is a growing trend in bold area rugs that serve as a design feature, or even art piece, in the home. Rugs woven with images and modern designs are a great way to bring comfort and warmth to your hard surfaces, and make a design statement at the same time.

Textured Carpet BloomingtonPlaying with Texture

Options in carpet texture go far beyond cut or loop pile these days. Different pile heights can have a big impact on the comfort and look of a carpet. Mixed cut-and-loop carpets have been growing in popularity for some time, as well as combined high-and-low loop yarns. With this new capability in manufacturing, you can find carpeting with swirl, basket weave, or even fleur-de-lis patterns woven right in. This detail gives the floor covering a subtle pattern that can have big impact in your space.

Carpet is a timeless floor covering with an option to fit any style and budget. With the selection available today, you’re sure to find a carpet you love that will stand the test of time in your home.

Photos (in order) by Your Design, Thomas Barrat, and Rob Hyrons