hand scraped wood, Floor Coverings International Southwest Metro MinneapolisHand scraping was the technique used by woodworkers of ages past to create the beautiful hardwood floors so prized in historic structures. It has seen a revival in recent years, allowing Eden Prairie owners a means of capturing the same timeless look for their own homes or businesses. Floor Coverings International Southwest Metro Minneapolis is here to help you learn more about hand scraped wood and decide if it is the right choice for your next project.


Hand scraping refers to the process where an artisan shaves the surface of the wood smooth by using a sharp blade. This results in a distinctive pattern of scrape marks unique to each piece of wood. Hand scraped wood is different from distressed wood, which is massed produced using machines that weather and selectively damage the wood to create an aged appearance. In contrast, hand scraped wood looks new, but has a beautiful, custom look that can only be achieved by hand.


The hallmark of hand scraped wood is it’s beautifully rustic appearance — making it a popular choice among owners wanting a warm, classic look. It’s also a solid option for anyone restoring an older property. The hand scraped technique can be applied both to solid and engineered hardwood flooring, so it’s more widely available than reclaimed wood (another favorite for restoration projects). To maximize the aesthetic effect of hand scraped wood, it’s important that it be expertly installed in a way that combines function and artistry to bring out the subtle patterns of the scrape marks.


The maintenance of hand scraped wood is similar to other wood flooring. Make sure to regularly sweep or vacuum to pick up dirt and debris. Quickly wipe up spills and damp mop to prevent staining. You should also use furniture pads under heavier pieces to help protect your floors from scratches and dents. One difference is that refinishing requires more care as you’ll want to ensure that the sanding process doesn’t smooth out the marks that give hand scraped wood it’s character.

Contact the experts at Floor Coverings International Southwest Metro Minneapolis if you’re interested in learning more about hand scraped wood. We operate in the Minnetonka, Chanhassen, Eden Prairie, St. Louis Park areas and will come out for a free on-site design consultation to help you figure out the best way to incorporate hand scraped wood into your project!

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