hickory hardwood flooring, living room. Hickory continues to be a popular choice for owners interested in unique hardwood flooring for their homes or business. Similar to white oak, hickory wood is available in colors ranging from near white to medium brown. Hickory also has a distinct grain, where a single board can show both lighter and darker tones. Hickory wood accepts stains well, allowing manufactures to further enhance its unique appearance.


With a Janka score of 1,820, hickory is one of the hardest domestic hardwoods available from Floor Coverings International Southwest Metro Minneapolis. This sturdy wood will hold up well in high traffic areas and is a solid choice for households with children or pets. Hickory also handles changes in humidity better than many other hardwood types, making it a good choice for the Minneapolis climate.


Hickory is available in a wide range of colors and grades, allowing you to achieve very different looks depending on your selection. Want a more rustic look? Choose country grade hickory with a warmer tone. Prefer a more modern feel? Select a darker, higher grade boards (i.e. fewer knots), and your floors will look stylish for years to come. Hickory is a popular choice for making wide plank or hand scraped flooring as both styles showcase the wood’s unique grain and color variation.

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Floor Coverings International Southwest Metro Minneapolis is here to help you find the perfect wood choice to create your dream floors. Contact us to schedule a free, on location, design consultation and estimate. We provide a wide array of different flooring samples for you to see what will best suit your space. We proudly serve the greater Minnetonka, Chanhassen, Eden Prairie, St. Louis Park area!

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