Maple Hardwood Flooring, Bloomington, Floor Coverings International Southwest MetroMaple is the go-to hardwood flooring choice for many homeowners. Lighter maple planks can lend an airy and modern feel to a home, while darker planks have a warm and homey feel. Depending on how maple flooring plays off of its surroundings, it can look rustic or elegant, classic or modern, sophisticated or simple. Simply put, maple is a great option that will suit any décor.

Once you’ve decided on maple hardwood floors, however, there are a number of other things to consider. Read on to learn more about the options available to you.

Engineered or Solid?

When installing hardwood flooring, you have a choice between engineered or solid planks. Engineered wood is made up of multiple layers, with a base layer, a core layer providing stability, and a top layer of hardwood veneer. Solid flooring is comprised of a single strip taken from a single tree.

Engineered hardwood is better for stability against dramatic temperature change and moisture. It can also often be used with radiant heating systems, as it can be placed over the heating elements without causing damage. Solid hardwood can withstand more refinishes, sanding off a layer and re-staining to rejuvenate the wood and finish. Neither choice is inherently superior, they’re just better suited for different homes and different climates.

Choosing a Color

Maple can be stained just about any color you like while retaining its natural appearance, from cranberry to midnight to all shades of coffee. It’s also commonly left unstained and finished with a clear topcoat for protection. Many homeowners prefer maple for its light color tones. The general rule of thumb for selecting color is this: Go with what you like. There are guidelines for selecting a shade for your floor, but no set-in-stone “rules.”

Be that as it may, a lighter floor surrounded by darker decor is going to call more attention to itself than the inverse. Generally speaking, a paler floor pairs well with lighter walls and furniture, while a darker floor provides a nice, homey look no matter the shade of your walls, drapes and furniture.

Maple hardwood flooring is durable, versatile and unique, with every plank showing a grain pattern entirely its own. Our team at Floor Coverings International Southwest Metro Minneapolis can help you understand the pros and cons of maple and find the perfect hardwood flooring for your home. Contact us for a free in-home design consultation to get started.

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Photo by John Wollwerth