Ceramic Tile Flooring in Chanhassen, Bloomington & BeyondAt Floor Coverings International Southwest Metro Minneapolis we partner with national flooring manufacturers to provide a vast selection of materials. If you want your creativity unhampered for your next flooring project, consider the variety provided by ceramic tile. With a seemingly endless selection of colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, and textures ceramic tile can meet the needs of any décor.

What Is It?

Tile is made from a variety of materials including ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone. Ceramic tile is made from clay that is formed, covered in glaze, and then baked in a kiln. Once it reaches high enough temperatures, clay becomes very hard, giving ceramic its durable property. Porcelain is similar to ceramic in that both are made with clay, but porcelain is harder because it is brought to higher temperatures while processing.

Using Ceramic Tile In Your Home

Compared to stone tile, ceramic tile offers a creative advantage due to its extensive variation. If you already have a certain vision for the color, shape, pattern or texture of your next tile project, ceramic can make that vision a reality. Ceramic is also adaptable in its uses; it may be used on floors, walls, and countertops.

Since it resists water and humidity, ceramic tile makes an excellent choice for bathroom or kitchen flooring. Ceramic tile also holds up well against staining and wear, making it suitable for high traffic areas of the home. One disadvantage of ceramic is that it is hard underfoot and may cause discomfort if standing over it for long periods of time. Area rugs may be used to diminish discomfort.

Maintaining Ceramic Tile

Maintenance of ceramic tile is simple. It can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth or sponge. More comprehensive maintenance can include reapplying sealant after several years of use. Given that ceramic is a brittle material, it is susceptible to chips and cracks. However, if a breakage does occur, ceramic tile is very easy to repair compared to other flooring options. Additionally, breakages generally occur due to poor installation methods. At Floor Coverings International Southwest Metro Minneapolis we’ll make sure your ceramic tile is installed properly.

Your Local Flooring Experts

If you’re looking for the perfect ceramic tile to fit your design needs, contact Floor Coverings International Southwest Metro Minneapolis today and schedule a free in-home consultation. Our design experts will help make your vision a reality. Using our mobile flooring showroom, we can bring hundreds of ceramic tile samples straight to your home.

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