Sslate kitchen floors, southwest metrolate flooring tile is a popular option for owners wanting to incorporate the beauty of natural stone tile into their homes for businesses. Slate is available in a surprising assortment of sizes, finishes, colors, and quality grades. Keep reading to learn more from Floor Coverings International Southwest Metro Minneapolis on how to select a slate tile that will best match your project. It’s an investment that will add style and value to your home for years to come!


Slate is a metamorphic rock created out of compressed sediment. It’s important that floor tiles are made from higher quality slate. Grading is determined by the amount of silica in the slate — more silica makes the tile the less porous and more scratch resistant. Slate tile comes in a wide range of colors, based on what sediments went into its creation. The majority of color options range from light to dark gray, but you can also find slate tiles in orange, red, purple, green, and with interesting veining through the stone. You can also customize the finish and grout color to enhance the tile’s appearance.


Quality slate is an extremely durable material. To maintain slate floors, regularly sweep or vacuum to remove abrasives. You should also occasionally damp mop with an approved cleaner to remove any embedded grime. Finally, be sure to reseal the tiles every few years to ensure they are protected against potential stains. These occasional maintenance steps will ensure that your slate tiles floors look beautiful for years to come.

Special Considerations

slate tile colors, floor coverings international southwest metroSlate tiles can crack if laid out improperly on an uneven or weak floor. It’s also a very hard surface, so you might want to use area rugs to give your feet and joints some cushioning in spots where you tend to stand for long periods of time (such as the kitchen). The tiles can feel cold underfoot, which is great for helping keep your home cool in the warmer months of summer — but it can also mean chilly floors in the winter. Fortunately slate tiles can be paired with radiant heat flooring to create a more comfortable environment.

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