We had to cancel part of our contract because Ty Anderson was unable to provide the carpeting. Also, we had numerous concerns about the crew that installed the luxury vinyl plank flooring. One of the installers was clearly experienced and competent. One other crew member was fairly good but worked very slowly. The others were inexperienced, made errors that needed to be corrected, and had worked for this crew for 7 weeks and for 1 month respectively. Since the plank flooring was installed, we have had several highly experienced installers tell us that the installation was not professional and even the quarter-rounds were poorly cut and installed. We cancelled the carpeting portion of the contract and have hired a much more experienced and competent flooring company to correct the previous work and to complete the carpeting. Ty Anderson was personable but ultimately mislead us on what they would provide. They did not keep to the schedule they promised us. Our overall impression was of an inexperienced and overextended manager/owner motivated more by profit than by customer service and satisfaction.
Felix Zwiebel
Good quality carpet. Great customer service. Will definitely use them again.
Devin Hagen
Pay your subcontractor! Also let your customers Know that you subcontract the work out! I was thinking of re-employing your company to replace my carpet and install some wood floors. Not too likely if the subcontractors don't get paid!.
Chris Siefferman
Though we little delay with one of the products but overall experience is A+. I was informed ahead and everything went very well.
Rana Chowdhury
From the salesperson who came to our house, to the work contractors who moved our furniture, removed old carpet, installed new carpet, then moved our furniture back in place, to the office person who called to inform us of status, to schedule dates, then again on the day of installation to let us know exactly when to expect the workers to arrive to our house, and finally to follow up afterwards, this has been a first class organization to work with. Things went on schedule, everyone was accommodating, and we are very happy with the results.
Janice Allen
Ty Anderson and Heidi were great. Very easy to work with, helpful, good at follow up and professional. Very happy with working with them. We were not impressed with the installation team. They were not as careful with moving our furniture as I would have liked. They put a huge scratch and dent in one of our doors with a piece of our furniture. They also left our house a MESS. They didn't vacuum at all which surprised me. There were carpet fibers, dust and tacks left all over the place. The mess made it really hard to see the carpet and be excited about the finished product. We spend a significant amount of time vacuuming and cleaning the place up before we could move any of our furniture back. I did not expect the install crew to clean up and make things look perfect but was not expecting to come home to the mess we did. Even at the final inspection/walk through Ty said he was embarrassed by how messy the install crew/company left our home. Our disappointment from installation lowered the overall score.
Amanda Dudek
Everyone was very helpful, worked to the utmost to insure success. The installers were terrific. They worked very hard and efficiently.
Diana Norris
The process was a debacle from the start....no mastic was delivered on the day of install, charged for grout in our bid, and we ended up going out and picking it up and paying for it......installer did a nice job on the tile, he was very slow, and we had wall damage and the wall had to be repainted. No complete communication, and no one came and did a final walk through on the job!
Sherry McCoy
Top quality products and service!
Jerry Bender
The quality of the finished floor is wonderful. The installers arrived as scheduled and were very efficient.
Jennifer Smith